The Neuroscience School Short Course

The Neuroscience School at Georgia State University offers summer short-course opportunities for outstanding high school students. The program seeks students who excel in science and have particular interests in neuroscience.

The short-courses aim to engage students in college-level introductory neuroscience topics, such as neurons and neurotransmission; brain anatomy; learning, memory, and plasticity; sensory systems; motor systems; and neurological diseases. The format includes lecture and discussion, hands-on bench science in core research facilities, and some homework. Courses will be limited to 25 students each, and will be taught by Georgia State University faculty members, post doctoral research associates, and graduate student teaching assistants.

All participants must be at least 16 years of age by the start of the course, and can only take the course if parents or guardians complete required permissions related to visiting research facilities.

Students are expected to provide their own transportation between their homes and the program sites on a daily basis. Studentss are also expected to provide their own meals. Housing will not be arranged for participants from outside Atlanta.

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